Davenportc_SPEEDO Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Bag(Davenportc_7520118)

Speedo STYLE NO.- Davenportc_7520118

Color: Insignia Blue
Size: 1SZ
Sale price$38.50


SPEEDO Deluxe Venilator Mesh Bag Medium sized equipment bag designed to hold all your swimming essentials. Shoulder straps for backpack carry. Every swimmer, from swim team to masters, knows that their go-to pack for towels, toys and togs is the Speedo team pack. Highly durable and with a feature set that is built with an athlete's needs in mind, these packs are tireless workhorses that set the bar high and become trusted friends. With the explosive growth of swim, and our increasing obsession with all things water, combined with the need to carry ever more complex assortments of gear and electronics to class, to the gym, and as we travel, Speedo meets this challenge with a complete line of back to school oriented daypacks that offer a fresh athletic twist to the world of packs. Building in electronics and media oriented organization, durabale materials selections, high-quality buckles and trims, and aquatic features that are driven and driven by technology and usability, but are built to a desirability index that is off the charts.

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