SPEEDO Nemesis Contour Paddle(7753007)

Speedo STYLE NO.- 7753007

Color: Multi (961)
Size: S
Sale price$22.00


Speedo Nemesis Contour Paddle The perfect fitness paddle for all swimming abilities. Tubercels, inspired by humpback whale fins, increase surface area along the paddle's edge, pushing more water and creating a smooth pulling trajectory. Contoured shape helps the swimmer feel the proper hand position for water entry. Improved tubing straps at the fingers and wrist. Use with the Nemesis Fins (see SKU: SPDNSF) for ultimate workout. Paddles are made of light weight polypropylene material with silicone rubber straps. FEATURES Speedo Nemesis Contour Paddles Inspired by Humpback Whale Fins Increase Surface Area Along-Paddle's-Edge Pushes More Water and Creating Smooth Pulling Trajectory Contoured Shape Helps Swimmer Feel Proper Hand Position for Water Entry Improved Tubing Straps at Fingers and Wrist Use w//Nemesis Fins (see SKU: SPDNSF) for Ultimate Workout Made of Polypropylene Material Silicone Rubber Straps Helps Develop Stroke Mechanics Lightweight

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