SPEEDO Hydrostream Goggle(7500400)

Speedo STYLE NO.- 7500400

Sale price$8.95


SPEEDO Hydrostream Goggle_x000D_ _x000D_ SPEEDO Team Speedo Hydrostream Goggle_x000D_ _x000D_ * FUNCTION Fitness: Durable, lap-loving goggles designed for fitness swimmers._x000D_ * FEEL Soft: Frame cushions your face and maximizes comfort._x000D_ * FIT Traditional: Classic fit provides great comfort and visibility._x000D_ * FILTER Clear/Colored: Provides crisp, clear vision indoors and out._x000D_ * FIELD OF VIEW Standard: Expanded side view lets you keep an eye on the competition._x000D_ * Curved lens technology for maximum visibility._x000D_ * Comfortable one-piece frame._x000D_ * Soft, comfortable seals._x000D_ * Excellent fitness goggle._x000D_ * Anti-fog and UV Protection._x000D_ * Latex free.

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