SC-589 Referee Watch & Game Timer(48309)

Robic STYLE NO.- 48309

Sale price$32.95


The perfect Referee's and Officials Wrist Watch! Use it for Play time or Game Time. Ideal for Soccer, Lacrosse, Football and all timed sports and activities. Special Soccer Timer Dual Function Game Timer: Countdown timer and Count up timer can operate simultaneously. Dual Timing Display keeps track of Game time on one row and Stoppage (or "Add-on") time on the other row. Game Timer counts down with 1/100 secondresolution. 10 hour Dual Split Chronograph with 1/100 second resolution Ten (10) Dual Split Memory recall stopwatch Time of Day in Hours, Minutes, and Seconds Calendar in Day, Month, and Date Daily Alarm, Hourly Chime Water Resistant One year warranty Replaceable CR-2032 Lithium Battery

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