Robic Silver 60 50 Dual Memory w/ EL backlight(67764)

Robic STYLE NO.- 67764

Sale price$29.99


A professional quality Stopwatch with 60 Dual Memory, Countdown Timer and Temperature Monitor. THE BEST CHOICE FOR THE SERIOUS AND ACTIVE STOPWATCH USER, SEEKING OUTSTANDING VALUE *60 Dual Memory Stopwatch-First 60 readings *User Selectable Lap or Cum Split Timing on the top row *Lap Counter to 199 readings *Memory recall up or down-accessible during stopwatch operation-separate mode *Countdown Timer with 1/100 second resolution *Preset times up to 10 hours for Countdown *Temperature Display in Fahrenheit or Celsius *1/100 second resolution up to 10 hours. *7 second Amber Backlight, on demand *Water Resistant to 30 meters. Time of day, alarm, calendar. Lanyard included. *One year factory warranty Lithium battery CR-2032

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