Robic SC-899 Triple Timer(SC-899)

Robic STYLE NO.- SC-899

Size: AC
Color: Blue/Black
Sale price$64.99


Robic SC-899 Triple Timer More results in more ways than ever before 'Single, Double or Triple' your choice Exclusively from Robic, the SC-899 times one, two or three events or participants at once....with a single timer up to 540 memory recall! The SC-899 has three (3) fully loaded time keeping modes: 180 Memory Stopwatch 180 Memory Speed Timer in MPH/ KPH Advanced Countdown Timer Set it up anyway you want! You can choose from 1, 2 or 3 Competitors at once. Start the timers at the same time or separately Features: EL Backlight illuminates entire display. Start the timers simultaneously or separately it's your option On Demand 180 Memory Recall of up to 3 timers, up to 1000 readings! View the memory recall in ascending (1, 2, 3) or descending (3, 2, 1) order 1/100 second precision up to 60 minutes. Lap Counter to 999 readings. Use the memory while the timer is running, so you can immediately take another reading without changing modes. Speed timer in mph/kphcan be used at any speedway in the world input distance to within 1/1000 of a mile or kilometer. Fastest, Average and Slowest Lap speeds and times. Times events up to 24 hours. Program up to three (3) countdown timers to operate independently or simultaneously, they can loop or sequence through each time or stop at the end of the preset time. Water Resistant to 30 meters. Time of day, alarm, calendar. Lanyard included. One year factory warranty Lithium battery CR-2032

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