MARU Shark Bait Pacer Jammer(MX0061)

Maru STYLE NO.- MX0061

Sale price$19.95


Have you ever wanted a pet shark? Just keep it in your bathtub and feed it every day? Yeah, us too. Unfortunately, that's illegal so we've got the next best thing: these Shark bait pacer jammers! On a black background, our fin design includes yellow, red, orange, blue, and green to evoke feelings of watching the sunset or swimming on a tropical coastline. We've added more contrast with the black palm trees to conjure images of a relaxing holiday! Made of 100% polyester, these jammers are chlorine resistant and perfect for regular use. If you end up chasing sunsets in our Shark Bait pacer jammers, be sure to invite us along too! Made from our long-lasting Pacer fabric 100% Chlorine proof UPF 50+ fabric Drawstring waist for comfort and secure fit Fabric 100% Polyester

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