Finis Swim Diaper: Solid Reusable Swim Diaper(5.20.015)

Finis STYLE NO.- 5.20.015

Color: Pink
Size: S
Sale price$6.95


Required by most swim schools and public pools, reusable swim diapers are great alternatives to disposable diapers. Snug elastic around waist and legs create a secure fit to contain solid waste. FINIS provides an array of sizes that translate into comfort for the baby and confidence for the parents. A soft woven polyester lining gives the diaper an extra soft layer against the baby?s skin. UPF 50+ keeps harmful UV rays away from sensitive areas. Phthalates and PVC free. FEATURES & BENEFITS Reusable Swim Diaper No disposable diaper needed Security Elastic around waist and legs to contain solid waste Comfortable Fit Multiple sizes make for a happy baby and confident parent Soft Interior Lining Gentle woven polyester lining for babies skin Phthalates Free 100% Polyester uses no PVC or harmful materials UV Protection

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