FINIS Instinct Sculling Paddle(3.05.002)

Finis STYLE NO.- 3.05.002

Color: Black
Size: M
Sale price$17.95


FINIS Instinct Sculling Paddle The ergonomically advanced design of the INSTINCT PADDLES helps teach swimmers the correct palm-positive hand position while sculling. The strapless design of the paddles heighten stroke awareness and emphasize stroke imperfections, making it easier to identify and correct technique. The Instinct Paddles convex design also promotes an early catch during the sculling motion and reminds the swimmer to maintain an early vertical forearm position. This versatile paddles work for all four strokes and are available in two sizes: Medium & Large. STRAPLESS DESIGN Ergonomic shape is designed to fit the natural contour of the hand ENHANCE YOUR SCULLING AWARENESS Convex design encourages swimmers to establish traction with the water PALM POSITIVE Paddles will remain in place if swimmer constantly maintains pressure against the water while sculling ALL FOUR SWIM STROKES Versatile paddles work for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly

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