Aqua Sphere Michael Phelps Swim Method Swim Vest - Medium/Green(253649)

Aqua Sphere STYLE NO.- 253649

Color: Neon Green/Light Blue
Size: M / 33 - 39lbs
Sale price$29.99


Our swim vest comes in two sizes and has multiple adjustment straps to ensure a comfortable, customized, secure fit. The swim vest is a buoyancy aid that provides assistance to children learning to float on their bellies and their backs. Our design also incorporates a handle on the back, so that the parent and/or instructor can modify the child?s body position as his is moving through the water. -Buoyancy aid provides assisted floating and stability. -Foam buoyancy panels aid in balanced body position and comfort in the water. -Back handle offers easy aid to help child?s body position while swimming. -Multiple adjustment straps ensure a comfortable, customized fit. -2 sizes, 2 colors. Target age 2-3 years/ 33 39lbs Target age 3-6 years/ 39 66lbs

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