ANTIWAVE Super 700 Starting Platform(AW0670)

AntiWave STYLE NO.- AW0670

Color: White
Size: N/A
Sale price$1,850.00


ANTIWAVE Super 700 Starting Platform The Super 700 is the solution when a pool's design requires special accommodations. It combines a unique pedestal with the Super 400 model, providing the extra elevation required in pools with overflow gutter designs. The Super 700 Starting Block: * Is made of top-quality materials the base and top are of rugged hand-laid fiberglass, while the fittings are stainless steel. Dynaset? drop-in anchors are included. * Can be supplied in pre-numbered sets at no extra cost. * Is easy to assemble and install. We supply Assembly and Installation Instructions with each shipment. * Comes with AntiWave's comprehensive 3-year Warranty.

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