Old_AMANZI Cleopatra Female Swimsuit(Old_AS623)

Amanzi STYLE NO.- Old_AS623

Color: Cleopatra
Size: 28Y
Sale price$54.95


AMANZI Cleopatra Female Swimsuit Queen Cleopatra sits upon her royal throne with her two pampered kitty cats by her side. An abundance of jewels glisten and sparkle all around her as she contemplates what to do with her afternoon... take over a neighboring nation or maybe pay Roman Emperor Caesar a visit. Embrace your inner leader in the Cleopatra one piece and watch your competitors bow down to the Queen of the Pool. Product Features: NOTE: FOR US SIZING, GO DOWN ONE SIZE (SPEEDO) AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Fabric 100% Polyester Lining "Cut-out" Styling Maximum 50+ UV Protection Bar Tack Reinforcement Medium Leg Height Placement Print Printed Binding

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