ACCUSPLIT multi-mode, 500 memory advanced timing stopwatch DECIMAL TIMING(AX605)

Accusplit STYLE NO.- AX605

Sale price$21.95


The AX602M500DEC is a multi-mode, 500 memory advanced timing stopwatch with the best WOS functions and features to provide you with the highest quality timers and stopwatches available Features: Our brand new "X4" stopwatch case gives you larger display digits, improved water resistance, plus our ergonomic, million-cycle no-fail buttons. 1/100th second, 500 memory, dual split stopwatch. Multiple time base timing, including 1/100 sec, Decimal Minute, and Decimal hour. Three line LCD display shows current split time, lap time, and running cumulative time. "Auto Split Release" feature causes the split time to show for five seconds, then the watch returns to running split time. Stroke rate calculator mode. Audible pacer mode. Repeat Countdown Timer. The "Data Bank" gives a time stamp when each split is taken, so you can reconstruct your timing sequence later. Time-of-Day/Date/Alarm mode. Package includes Pro 500+ Memory Stopwatch, Lanyard, Battery and Instructions

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