Speedo Push Plate 7753049
Speedo Push Plate (Speedo Black (001))
Speedo Black (001)

Brand: Speedo

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Product Description:
Maximize the intensity of your Speedo Fit workout with the Speedo Push Plate. Great for building strength in your arms, shoulder, abdominals, and legs, this water workout tool allows for deep-water and surface-level exercises.

Helps you achieve strength and power gains by utilizing surface area resistance in place of gravitational weight.
Speedo's solution to a Medicine Ball and Kettle Bell in a dry-land gym.
Provides a variety of uses for every workout.
Strengthen, tone, and build power across all muscle groups.
Reinforced inner handles on both vertical and horizontal axis allow a multitude of grip options and exercises.
Neutral buoyancy allows for deep-water and surface-level exercises.