FINIS Zoomers Z2 Swim Fins (A-B, H-I Only) 2.35.002

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FINIS Zoomers Z2 Swim Fins (A-B, H-I Only)

FINIS Zoomers Z2 Swim Fins

By dramatically improving efficiency, swimmers are able to push the limits in their training. The new Zoomer Z2 swim fins are specially designed to improve the effectiveness of one's swim workouts by creating an easier kicking movement. The channel on the bottom of the Zoomer Z2 captures water to provide ideal propulsion for longer distances, while the back ridges strengthen the hamstrings and glutes.

Like the original Zoomer fins, the Zoomer Z2 fins are shorter in length than standard swim fins. They utilize a patented angle and quick response technology to promote a shorter, faster kick that makes the legs work harder while reducing the occurrence of burnout.

* Patented Short-Blade Construction
Promotes a small, fast kick while increasing proper leg strength.

* Fluid Separator
Creates a 'natural extension of the foot' so that the foot can slice through the water with ease.

* Channel Convertors
Catch water so the swimmer can drive the legs and work the kick in both directions for maximum propulsion.

* Closed Heel, Light-Weight Design
Provides comfort and security, allowing the swimmer to stay more active throughout the entire workout.

FZ2 Size Chart
Z2 Men's Size
A 1-2.5
B 2.5-4
C 4-5.5
D 5.5-7
E 7-8.5
F 8.5-10
G 10-11.5
H 11.5-13
I 13-15

Z2 Women's Size
A 2-3.5
B 3.5-5
C 5-6.5
D 6.5-8
E 8-9.5
F 9.5-11
G 11-12.5
H 12.5-14
I 14-16

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