Robic SC-899 Triple Timer SC-899

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Robic SC-899 Triple Timer

More results in more ways than ever before 'Single, Double or Triple' your choice

Exclusively from Robic, the SC-899 times one, two or three events or participants at once....with a single timer up to 540 memory recall!

The SC-899 has three (3) fully loaded time keeping modes:

- 180 Memory Stopwatch
- 180 Memory Speed Timer in MPH/ KPH
- Advanced Countdown Timer
- Set it up anyway you want! You can choose from 1, 2 or 3 Competitors at once. Start the timers at the same time or separately


- EL Backlight illuminates entire display.

- Start the timers simultaneously or separately; it's your option

- On Demand 180 Memory Recall of up to 3 timers, up to 1000 readings!
- View the memory recall in ascending (1, 2, 3) or descending (3, 2, 1) order

- 1/100 second precision up to 60 minutes.

- Lap Counter to 999 readings.

- Use the memory while the timer is running, so you can immediately -

- take another reading without changing modes.

- Speed timer in mph/kphcan be used at any speedway in the world input distance to within 1/1000 of a mile or kilometer.

- Fastest, Average and Slowest Lap speeds and times. Times events up to 24 hours.

- Program up to three (3) countdown timers to operate independently or simultaneously, they can loop or sequence through each time or stop at the end of the preset time.

- Water Resistant to 30 meters.

- Time of day, alarm, calendar. Lanyard included.

- One year factory warranty; Lithium battery CR-2032