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The most innovative paddles to hit the market, loaded with cutting-edge hydrodynamic features for the elite swimmer! SMAO Paddles are the answer to the elite sprinter's need to refine the drive-in phase of the stroke, demand an aggressive entry into the water, and reinforce a high elbow catch. Utilizing bio-mimicry, the Humpback whale pectoral fin was partly inspiration behind this unique design.

TUBERCLES: Scalloped outer edges create greater surface area for water to pass over versus a smooth, straight edge. This technology creates enhanced propulsion, allowing the swimmer to pull more water during sprint drills.

BLOW VALVES: Lateral edge openings large on the bottom-side and smaller on the top-side creating a valve effect where water is captured on the underside and forced through the smaller opening, thus creating more resistance and buoyancy.

FLOW CHANNELS: Channels on the bottom of the paddles help guide water in the proper direction and toward the blow valves. The flow channels allow the paddle to move smoothly through the water.

THUMB GARAGE: Reinforces proper thumb position and allows greater control on the recovery phase of the stroke. The thumb garage allows the swimmer to use the paddles without either strap if desired.

EXTENDED FOREARM SECTION: Prevents wrist joint flexion. By creating a stable plane between the hand and forearm, the swimmer reinforces proper hand and elbow positioning.

INJECTED MOLDED EVA FOAM (IMEVA): The swimmer must overcome the natural buoyancy of the IMEVA paddles and aggressively break the water's surface, creating a fierce drive into the water.

ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: Soft silicone, and wide enough to keep the paddle securely in place. Underside belt loops to keep loose strap ends in place. Straps are easily removable to promote multiple techniques and drills.


SMALL = Female (Moderate Resistance)

MEDIUM = Male (Great Resistance)

LARGE = Big & Tall Males (Extreme Resistance)