ARENA Carbonite Youth Jammer - MaxLife 1A540

Black/Asphalt/Red (54)

Black/Asphalt/Royal (58)

Black/Asphalt/White (55)

Brand: Arena

Product code:1A540


Regular price: $52.00

Metro price: $36.95-$36.95

Custom option (No minimum) Imprint Type: Heat seal logo
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Right hip
Left hip
Front Left Leg
Front Right Leg

Our Carbonite jammer is a cool design your young swimmer will be enthusiastic about. Based on a close-up shot of the carbon molecule, our unique print is used here in asymmetrical panels. Spruce up his training with this standout style.

Product Feature:

- Extraordinary durability.
- Extreme resilience.
- Long-lasting comfort.
- Extra life.
- Perfect fit.
- Sunlight resistant.
- Chlorine resistant.