TYR Socket Roackets 2.0 Eclipse Goggles(LGL2E)

metroswimshop STYLE NO.- LGL2E

Sale price$16.99


Go fast or go home with Socket Rockets 2.0 Eclipse Adult Goggles.

As one of the industry’s most elite racing goggles, the LGL2E boasts a Swedish-style, low profile design. Engineered with dark, smoke lenses and a high mirror finish, Socket Rockets 2.0 Eclipse Goggles are ideal for outdoor strokes. With a sleek, streamlined fit that ensures both minimal drag and increased speed, the LGL2E provides male and female competitors with everything they need to perform. In addition to a rubber adjustable nosebridge, double latex head strap and wide peripheral range, Socket Rocket 2.0 Goggles also features anti-leak thermo plastic rubber gaskets for an unmistakably close to the face feel.

All polycarbonate lenses include full UVA/UVB protection.

For Ages 16+

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