SPEEDO Fastskin II Female Recordbreaker - Youth(HJ-78F9-GLMV)

Speedo STYLE NO.- HJ-78F9-GLMV

Color: Black
Size: 22
Sale price$50.00


SPEEDO Fastskin II Female _x000D_ _x000D_ * FINA approved style Fully compliant with FINA rules._x000D_ * Fastskin FSII®, the most advanced and lowest drag racing swimwear in the world!_x000D_ * Inspired by the sleek, hydrodynamic properties of sharkskin._x000D_ * Fastskin® fabric mimics the rough shark denticles to reduce drag in key areas and features a Turbulence Management System._x000D_ * Grey Flexskin fabric splices allow greater flexibility and less drag._x000D_ * These fabrics were positioned to accommodate the changing flow conditions along the swimmer's body._x000D_ * Designed to repel water, compress the body, and devour the competition._x000D_ * Fabric:74% Polyester / 26% LYCRA® Spandex.

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