Ridley_2018_Solid Flyback Training Suit(Ridley_SolidJammer)

Speedo STYLE NO.- Ridley_SolidJammer

Sale price$34.75


Exclusive performance technology upgrades the classic one-piece swimsuit, giving you an edge in the pool, whether you're training for a meet or practicing flip turns. Quick-drying Endurance+ fabric is enhanced with four-way stretch to deliver maximum shape retention and chlorine resistance, for a style that won't fall apart after one season. The sleek Flyback design provides support and increased freedom of movement so you can move through water easily and with control. -Engineered from our exclusive, longest lasting and best-selling Endurance+ fabric. -Unique four-way stretch provides body-hugging fit, and soft comfort. -Chlorine resistant with superior color retention designed to lasts far longer than conventional swimwear. -Front liner.

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