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TYR Women's Guard TYReco Dimaxfit Tankini - Adult ( Navy (401))
Navy (401)
TYR Women's Guard TYReco Dimaxfit Tankini - Adult ( Red (610))
Red (610)

Brand: TYR

Product code:TMGU1A


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Product Description:
Durable, sleek and eco-friendly, the Women's Guard TYReco Dimaxfit Tankini is a triple threat. Our one-of-a-kind TYReco textile, constructed from recycled fabric, requires less energy to produce, creating a lower level of CO2 pollution in the environment.

Featuring a medium neckline, innovative thin strap binding system and moderate bottom, our Dimaxfit tankini sets are built for athletes who want reliable coverage during every swim. With an oversized guard logo for rapid identification, the TMGU1A is ideal for both pool and beach use.

In addition to providing a long-lasting fit, UPF 50+ protection and chlorine resistance, this fully lined two-piece is offered in multiple color options.