BLUESEVENTY Nero Race Mirrored Goggles RZ09M
BLUESEVENTY Nero Race Mirrored Goggles (Blue Frame/Silver Mirror)
Blue Frame/Silver Mirror
BLUESEVENTY Nero Race Mirrored Goggles (White Frame/Blue Mirror)
White Frame/Blue Mirror

Brand: Blueseventy

Product code:RZ09M


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Product Description:
BLUESEVENTY Nero Race Mirrored Goggles

The Nero Race goggle offers the latest in low profile pool racing eyewear. Designed to deliver the least drag and offer a fish-eye fit, the Nero Race utilizes the latest molding techniques and materials. This goggle is a perfect balance of fit, flexibility and durability for competitive use.

- Highest quality UV & A/F Polycarbonate Lenses for clarity, protection and vision.
- Low profile PC-TPR Co-moulded lenses reduces drag.
- Double band silicon head-strap for placement security and fit.
- Quick fit Adjust Strap system creates a low profile over the socket with the ease of adjustability.
- Over moulded frame reduces flex & increases durability and fit.
- Mirrored lens designed to reduce bright light and block UV light. For sunny weather or high glare conditions.