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ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  1A883
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Electric Blue/Titanium Blue (88))
Electric Blue/Titanium Blue (88)
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Dark Green/Red (104))
Dark Green/Red (104)
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Plum/Fluo Yellow (913))
Plum/Fluo Yellow (913)
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Dark Grey/Black (55))
Dark Grey/Black (55)

Brand: Arena

Product code:1A883


Regular price: $280.00

Metro price: $0.00-$250.00


Product Description:
Carbon-Air brings the benefits of the Intelligent compression coupled with an unbelievable lightness of the suit provided by a sleek construction.
By integrating Carbon Fibre Bands into the horizontal weave of the ultralight Carbon Air, the full power of Intelligent Compression is unleashed.
These superior features combine to make the Carbon Air especially easy to put on.
Powerskin Carbon Air, Arena?s ultra lightweight racing suit designed to set a new, unbeatable standard for intelligent compression and incredible comfort.