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ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  1A883
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Fushcia/Titanium Blue (98))
Fushcia/Titanium Blue (98)
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Fushcia/Titanium Blue (98))
Fushcia/Titanium Blue (98)
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Elec Blue/Titanium Blue (88))
Elec Blue/Titanium Blue (88)
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Dark Green/Red (104))
Dark Green/Red (104)
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Plum/Yellow (913))
Plum/Yellow (913)
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer  (Dark Grey (55))
Dark Grey (55)

Brand: Arena

Product code:1A883


Regular price: $280.00

Metro price: $224.00-$224.00

Product Description:
ARENA Carbon Air Jammer

Intelligent Compression Meets Comfort

Carbon Bands: Innovative horizontal carbon band construction delivers Intelligent Compression with breathing room. The Carbon fiber latches on to over-extended areas, offering the right dose of compression for optimum performance, reduced drag, and maximum power
Easy to Put On: With a hydrodynamic design, unique Carbon band construction and featherweight fabric, be race-ready in no time
Ultra Lightweight Fabric: Carbon-Air is made of our lightest performance fabric yet. Shave seconds off your time in a suit as light as air!

Fly through the water with our newest Carbon POWERSKIN. Carbon-Air combines innovative design, breakthrough technology and an ultra lightweight fabric. The result is a racing suit with our trademark Intelligent Compression and unbeatable comfort. Horizontal Carbon bands woven into the suit lock down to increase support and control when and where you need it. This pioneering design streamlines for faster swimming and is incredibly easy to move in, giving you full range of movement on starts, strokes, and turns. And it's a cinch to get on!
FINA Approved
NCAA/NFHS Approved