SPEEDO Speed Socket Polarized Goggle 7750382
SPEEDO Speed Socket Polarized Goggle (White (100))
White (100)

Brand: Speedo

Product code:7750382


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Product Description:
-Get a precision fit with the sleek, low profile inner eye fit.
-Gasket rests snugly and securely in the eye socket.
-Eliminates blinding glare by rearranging reflected light before it reaches your eyes, reducing eye strain, enhancing contrast and improving perception for increased pool safety.
-Polarized Polycarbonate lens filters out glare and provides optimum clarity.
-Wide panoramic lens to maximize peripheral vision.
-Silicone double length headstrap for secure fit.
-Hypo-allergenic comfort seals.
-Ultra low profile frame.
-TPR seals.
-PVC and Latex free.