FINIS Team Water Polo Caps 6.25.008
FINIS Team Water Polo Caps (Navy)

Brand: Finis

Product code:6.25.008


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Product Description:
FINIS Team Water Polo Caps

The Water Polo Caps are made out of a durable nylon material that comfortably conforms to any head shape. Each Water Polo Cap is secured to the head with a nylon tie and protects the ears with strong plastic ear guards. The Water Polo Caps sold in sets, numbered 1-13. Sets are available in white or navy team colors and each set comes with 2 red goalie caps. Available in Adult, Women's and Jr sizes.

Form-Fitting Nylon Fabric
Cap conforms to head shape comfortably

Tie Closure
Nylon strings secure cap to head

Bold Contrasting Number
Player number stands out clearly on each side of cap

Sturdy Ear Guards
Built to withstand the roughest game play<

Sold as a Team Set
Caps numbered 1-13

Home and Away Colors
Available in Navy or White, including 2 red goalie caps

Multiple Sizes
Available in Adult, Women's and Jr sizes