ARENA Powerskin R-Evo Plus Jammer  27914

Brand: Arena

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Product Description:
ARENA Powerskin R-Evo Plus Jammer

PowerskinŽ R-EVO+is the latest innovation in the Arena racing range. Made with a 100% textile material, PowerskinŽ R-EVO+ allows the swimmer to keep superb stability and body alignment during the stroke. Thanks to the high-tech Z-Raptor+ fabric, all PowerskinŽ R-EVO+ range suits guarantee maximum compression combined with unmatchable comfort. PowerskinŽ R-EVO+ range features the advanced bonded seams system thatallows low profiled, bonded seams. PowerskinŽ R-EVO+ range is ideal for all strokes and distances.

65% Polyamide / 35% Elastane