Arena Carbonite Pro Back Suit 1A535

Black/Asphalt/Red (54)

Black/Asphalt/White (55)

Black/Asphalt/Royal (58)

Brand: Arena

Product code:1A535


Regular price: $72.00

Metro price: $49.95-$49.95


Custom option (No minimum) Imprint Type: Heat seal logo
Imprint Pricing: one-color: each $5.00 two-color: each $6.00 three-color: each $7.00
Center Front
Right hip
Left hip
Left Rear
Right Rear

ARENA Carbonite Youth Swim Pro Back - MaxLife

TheArena Carbonite Swim has a spliced design that looks fast in and out of the water.


- Swim pro back design.
- Highly flexible back shape is suitable for all strokes.
- Provides superior chest support.
- Highly ergonomic fit.
- Front lining.