ARENA Team Mesh Bag 002495
ARENA Team Mesh Bag (Pink (900))
Pink (900)
ARENA Team Mesh Bag (Team Black (500))
Team Black (500)
ARENA Team Mesh Bag (Team Navy (710))
Team Navy (710)
ARENA Team Mesh Bag (Team Red (400))
Team Red (400)
ARENA Team Mesh Bag (Team Royal (720))
Team Royal (720)

Brand: Arena

Product code:002495


Regular price: $20.00

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Product Description:
As seen on the backs of swimmers everywhere, our Team Mesh Bag is a favourite among water athletes. Now in a larger 65 x 55 cm size for better accommodating your gear, it still has all the classic features of the original versatile design, like the practical handle for hanging it in a locker and the dual drawstring that can be worn like a backpack or just over your shoulder. Made of a resilient and quick-drying mesh, it's the perfect solution for storing your swim accessories poolside. Stamped with our name in large letters.