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Arena Swimsuit 000930
Arena Swimsuit (Orange/Fuchsia (349))
Orange/Fuchsia (349)
Arena Swimsuit (Navy/Grey/Orange (544))
Navy/Grey/Orange (544)
Arena Swimsuit (Navy/Grey/Fuchsia (549))
Navy/Grey/Fuchsia (549)
Arena Swimsuit (Navy/Grey/Fluorescent Yellow (546))
Navy/Grey/Fluorescent Yellow (546)
Arena Swimsuit (Fuchsia/Fluorescent Yellow (983))
Fuchsia/Fluorescent Yellow (983)
Arena Swimsuit (Orange/Fuchsia (349))
Orange/Fuchsia (349)

Brand: Arena

Product code:000930


Regular price: $475.00

Metro price: $285.00 "MAP" $285.00


Product Description:
Rio medalists and world champion sprinters Emily Seebohm and Ruta Meilutyte prefer the power, speed, and freedom of movement of the Open Back POWERSKIN Carbon Flex VX.

The Flex VX combines arena's patented V-Flex construction - designed with revolutionary placement of seams to provide maximum hip mobility - with POWERSKIN Intelligent Compression and Power Return Construction technologies for optimized performance.