ARENA Cobra Core Mirror Goggle 1E492
ARENA Cobra Core Mirror Goggle (Pinkrevo/Black (995))
Pinkrevo/Black (995)

Brand: Arena

Product code:1E492


Regular price: $40.00

Metro price: $34.95-$40.00

Product Description:
The Arena Cobra Core Mirrored Goggle is a premium choice whether you're a club swimmer, triathlete, or open water swimmer. The innovative lenses offer an aquadynamic seal and reduced water turbulence and drag while providing UV protection and anti-fog capability.

-Premium racing and training goggles.
-Large field of view, low profile, and optimal sealing.
-Split head band for solid fit on start and turn.
-UV protection.
-Anti-fog treatment.
-PVC-free, without plasticizer.
-Can be used for triathlons and open water swimming