FINIS Turnmaster PRO Individual Lane Bulkhead Small
FINIS Turnmaster PRO Individual Lane Bulkhead Small (White:)

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FINIS Turnmaster PRO Individual Lane Bulkhead Small

The Turnmaster Pro is a portable lane bulkhead designed to maximize lane usage. Easily installed in minutes, the Turnmaster Pro is suspended between two lane ropes, dividing one lane into two. Its streamline design prevents drag in the water and extends seamlessly across pool lanes, allowing you to optimize your pool space. Built of durable Vinyl Ester chlorine resistant fiberglass, the Turnmaster Pro is built to withstand the impact of race speed turns. Available in four sizes the Turnmaster Pro will fit most any lane size.

Focus on Turns
Divides one lane into two adding more walls to practice on

Optimize Pool Space
Create the ideal pool layout for practices or lessons

Vinyl Ester Chlorine Resistant Fiberglass
Aerospace material is built to withstand race speed turns and is resistant to chlorine damage

Simple 2-Person Installation

Easy to install in minutes

Available in Multiple Sizes
6"9" (2.05m); 7'3" (2.20cm); 7'9" (2.35m); 8'2" (2.50m).

Built In Wheels
Easy to move and store

Streamlined design
Extends seamlessly across pool lanes